Family Fun in the Lake Tahoe Area

Lake Tahoe is one of the best destinations for family fun any time of year. If you’re considering bringing your kids down to see us here consider some of these great family friendly activities.

· Boat Tours

There are a number of excellent options for boat tours around the beautiful Lake Tahoe. The M.S. Dixie II and the Rum Runner Yacht are great examples. Each takes about two hours, each offers a discount for kids, and they both end in Emerald Bay, which every Tahoe visitor should experience. The little ones will get a kick out of the paddlewheel on the Dixie or the exciting history behind the Rum Runner, and multiple decks means that they can offer parents an opportunity for a little space during the vacation.

· Air Tours

Visitors also have several choices to see our beautiful area from the air, depending on how young the kids are and how adventurous everybody feels. Take a leisurely cruise through the clouds in a hot air balloon. Sour over the city and lake on a paragliding trip, or if your budget allows take a private plane or helicopter tour to enjoy this gorgeous area from a bird’s eye view.

· Educational

It may not always be easy to convince your children to visit an educational destination while traveling, but if anything can convince them it’s probably the Fleischmann Planetarium and Science Center in Reno. If you have an animal lover in the family consider the Animal Ark Wildlife Sanctuary, also in Reno. They’ll have no choice but to enjoy themselves, and they will definitely leave having learned something new and interesting.

· Outdoors

The Tahoe area is filled with outdoor activities for the whole family. Hiking and camping opportunities are everywhere, and fishing isn’t limited to the big lake. You and your family can visit the Tahoe Trout Farm for free, without a license, and they’ll provide bait and tackle. You will be charged only for the fish you catch, and it is only one of multiple pond fishing sites.

· Seasonal

Tahoe is internationally known for its winter sports, but not everyone knows just how many different ways we play in the snow. We offer skiing and snowboarding, but also ice skating and dog sled rides. If you come to see us in the summer consider taking the kids snorkeling or SCUBA diving to enjoy the beautiful wildlife in the lake.