How I Met My Dog Through My Husband

It was raining when I met my dog. Well, it wasn’t the dog that I met that day, but he was part of the bargain, as I eventually found out.

It’s impossible not to talk about how I met my dog without having to talk about my husband. It was raining when I met my husband, Theo. He was coming out of a meat shop and I was coming in. We crossed paths, and I felt something soft nuzzling my leg. It was his dog, aptly named Fur. There was an apologetic smile on Theo’s face, which was followed by an actual apology as he tugged on Fur’s leash. The dog wouldn’t move away from me, and I told Theo it was okay. I was used to dogs, too, after having one for years.


I always thought dogs knew if you were a dog person or not, and Fur’s action affirmed my belief. I told Theo of my dog, Cookie, a beagle, and how she had died of a disease. It was a tough fight, and remembering it still made me teary-eyed. Theo asked me if I wanted to talk about Cookie over coffee.

I didn’t get the meat I needed to buy from the shop, but I’ve had the best coffee of my life. We talked for what seemed like hours, and I pulled some photos of my beagle from my phone to show to him. Fur has been silent the whole time, as if he too was listening. I didn’t think I could feel so at ease with strangers, but there I was, sipping my cup of joe and not minding the time.

When we finally had to part ways, I thanked Theo for the time. It’s amazing how you don’t realize you need to unload some of the things that are bothering you until you find yourself fighting back tears thinking about someone you lost. I can still remember Theo’s smile, and how Fur wagged his tail enthusiastically. I didn’t know it at the time, but I had met my future husband and our first “baby”.

Now, Fur has three puppies in the household, and Theo and I have two kids. The story of how I met my dog is like 101 Dalmatians, without Cruella De Vil making an appearance. Click here for more stories about pets